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Norton High School Students Showcase Sculpture Course Project Based-Learning

Sculpture Course Photo

Students in grades 10-12 from Dr. Todd Kefor's Sculpture course completed proposals and designs for a Project-Based Learning (PBL) Unit entitled "Public Sculpture & Civic Responsibility." This PBL unit stems from the PBLWorks grant Norton High School received in 2022. The designs were presented to the Norton School Committee at the Thursday, January 26 meeting. 

The project required the design and development of a scale-model sculpture, made out of recycled materials, for the Norton Town Common. The standards demanded a sculpture that taps into a sense of communal pride and unity. Community members from pertinent organizations, committees, and offices were recruited to visit NHS and provide feedback for student proposals and sculptures.

"An essential component of PBL is making students accountable to real-world stakeholders and amplifying project visibility, student accountability, and a sense of responsibility to their community," said Dr. Kefor. 

After sharing some of the products with the School Committee at this meeting, the designs are now on display in the Norton Public Library. These students are currently collaborating to develop a year-long sculptural installation for the Attleboro Art Museum's High Art Competition and gallery exhibition for the spring.

Check out the NHS Lancers Art instagram here.