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JCS Sea Turtle Fundraiser

This year the students from the Joseph C. Solmonese Elementary School in Norton Massachusetts, under the guidance of their new Principal, Dr. John Marcus, worked together to vote on a school mascot that they felt represented the school's beliefs and values.

As the Solmonese Sea Turtles were created, teachers embraced the new mascot and did many activities to help teach the students more about this amazing sea creature.

They learned about the life cycle, their incredible journeys to the beach, and how, sadly, some of these turtles can lose their way and become stranded up North along the shores in the winter months.

As a school, we challenged the students to raise money to help endangered sea turtles. We felt that this gave the students the opportunity not only to learn more about how they could help rescue sea turtles, but help the environment at the same time. We encouraged them to return bottles and help recycle in an effort to raise more money. Throughout the month of March, the school worked together to raise enough money not only to adopt several sea turtles, but we had enough money left over to give to local groups like Wellfleet who have worked tirelessly to help stranded sea turtles along the Cape shores.

It is our belief that by doing this, we are encouraging the students of JCS to take a stand for our values of responsibility, kindness, teamwork, and perseverance.