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Norton Public Schools 2019 MCAS Results

Earlier this week, Norton Public Schools received district MCAS data for all students that tested in the spring of 2019. Norton is pleased to have been recognized as a district that does not require any assistance or support from the state because of the progress that students are making towards targets.

According to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released information, in the first year of implementation of the next generation MCAS assessment, Norton High School had 63 percent of its 10th grade students score Exceeding or Meeting Expectations in English compared to 61 percent for the state. In math, 66 percent of these students scored Exceeding or Meeting Expectations compared to 58 percent of the state. Additionally, the district saw success in the areas of eighth-grade science with an increase of 20 percentage points over last year's scores as well as increases in achievement data in grades six and seven English Language Arts.

Mrs. Jennifer O'Neill, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, has plans for continuing to move all students forward. "Since we received preliminary student data and instructional reports in late August, I have met with every principal and guided them through their initial data analysis, encouraging our focus this year to be on instruction. Buildings have begun looking at the data in their instructional leadership teams and are in the process of making plans for continuous improvement. We are taking special care to look closely at instructional practices across grade levels as well as early intervention data to see where our current student cohorts will need support in the coming months in order to increase their proficiency in major tested areas. We are very proud of our students and their achievements while with us here in Norton. They are leaving us very well prepared for their future, whether it be college or career."

The District will be presenting more detailed information about the 2019 MCAS results at a future School Committee meeting. Questions can be forwarded to the Norton Superintendent's Office at (508) 285-0100.