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Facilities and Grounds

The facilities department is responsible for our five school buildings. We have 579,507 square feet of building space and 199.9 outside acres. We currently have a 22 man/woman crew, twenty of which are inside custodians responsible for the daily cleaning and maintenance of the buildings. To put that in perspective, each person is responsible for 28,975 square feet. If your average home here in Norton is 2000 square feet, that means each person would be cleaning an equivalent of 14 homes per day. WOW! We have two men in the grounds department responsible for mowing and trimming all 199.9 acres. The grounds department is also responsible for lining all the sport fields, plowing, and maintenance of the outside equipment. The High School was built in 1972 but renovated in 2014. The Middle School was built in 1998. The J.C. Solmonese built in 1978. The L.G. Nourse was built in 1960 and the H.A. Yelle was constructed in 1951. We are extremely lucky here in the Town of Norton to have a great school system and our buildings are the foundation of that system. We will continue to work extremely hard on keeping them safe, clean and healthy.

Wade Lizotte
Director of Facilities
(508) 285-0100 ext. 5