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Chromebook Initiative

The Norton Public Schools will issue Chromebooks to all incoming 6th graders at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. These are in addition to the devices used by rising 7th-11th grade students which will be returned in early September. All 6th grade students and a parent/guardian must attend an informational session on either August 28th at 7pm or September 13th at 5:30pm. Both sessions will be held at Norton Middle School in the auditorium. A letter with more information was sent to families and can be viewed below. Any student new to Norton in grades 6-11 should also attend an informational session. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email to Karen Winsper, Director of Instructional Technology, at or through Let's Talk.

Letter to 6th Grade Families

Chromebook Distribution

Incoming 6th and 10th grade students and a parent or guardian are required to attend one of the informational sessions unless they attended a session for another child. Once all paperwork is signed and returned, Chromebooks will be distributed to 6th and 10th grade students during the school day.

All students and parents will need to review the 1:1 Chromebook Handbook and sign the loan of technology agreement prior to receiving the Chromebook. We expect students will be assigned the same Chromebook each year for at least three consecutive school years. Therefore, if a student does not take care of their assigned laptop, they can expect to have that same, damaged machine back the next year. It is in everyone’s best interest to take good care of the devices.

The Chromebook Handbook is published below.

August 30th –Orientation session for students and a parent/guardian 6:00 pm Norton Middle School auditorium

August 31st – Orientation session for students and a parent/guardian 1:00 pm Norton Middle School auditorium

September 6th- Orientation session students and a parent/guardian 6:00 pm Norton Middle School auditorium

6th and 10th grade students and a parent or guardian must attend one session.

Any student new to the Norton Public Schools in grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 should also plan to attend an informational session.

Chromebook distribution for incoming 7th, 8th and 9th graders will take place during the school day. All students will receive the device they used during the previous school year. No new paperwork is required of these students.

Please contact us via Let’s Talk or directly through email with any questions or concerns:

Karen Winsper
Vincent Hayward

Chromebook Handbook

You can download a PDF version of this handbook by clicking here.

Required Paperwork

All students who will be issued a Chromebook must have an Acceptable Use Policy and Loan of Technology Agreement signed and returned prior to receiving the device. If a student will be utilizing their own device, a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy must be signed and returned prior to bringing the student owned device to school.

Acceptable Use Policy

Bring Your Own Device Policy

Loan of Technology Agreement

Chromebook Initiative FAQs

What was the cost of Chromebook?
Replacement cost of the Chromebook is $272.50

Did the school purchase a warranty when they were purchased?
We purchased an extended warranty for the Chromebooks which will cover the devices for one instance of accidental damage. The warranty doesn't cover loss or theft.

If there is damage to the book during the year, what would the cost be?
The first time there is accidental damage, there is no cost to the family. If you believe your child might have more than one "accident," the optional insurance plan might be something to consider. The insurance coverage is outlined on the Chromebook Initiative webpage.

Where can I get a replacement charger?
Visit this Charger Buy link for an exact replacement.

At the end of the year when the student turns it in, does the school technician go through the Chromebook to look for damage?
When we collect the Chromebooks prior to summer vacation, the technology staff will go through the devices to prepare for the following school year. Any damage that is identified will be communicated with families. Students will receive the same Chromebook they received this year for the next two years.

Why does the student need the Chromebook? Is there a program on it that’s needed that our home computer doesn't have?
We are providing devices to all our middle school students to allow for equitable access to technology both in and outside of the classroom. Teachers will be using Google Apps for Education (internet based/available on all devices) and other internet based programs within their classrooms. If your home computer has internet, it also has access to Google Apps for Education.

Does the Chromebook print? If so will it print from a home wifi or only at school?
We are encouraging students and staff to share documents via Google Drive rather than printing. Google Classroom is a tool teachers are using to facilitate the sharing of assignments between students & teachers. We do know that some assignments need to be printed. In this case, a Cloud Printer would be needed to print from a Chromebook. Your child is able to access all assignments and documents saved in Google Drive on any computer with internet access. He/she would be able to print from a computer directly connected to a printer.

If we choose to not let our child have one, will they be able to use one in class?
If you prefer that your child not participate in the Chromebook Initiative, there are desktop computers that would be made available for your child to complete electronic assignments. You may also elect to have your child bring their own device from home to be used during class time. If you choose the BYOD option, we ask that families sign the BYOD policy that can be found online at

Why did you start the 1:1 program at the Middle School and not at Norton High School?
The wireless infrastructure at NMS was completely updated during the 2013-2014 school year. The NHS wireless infrastructure, at the time of planning this 1:1 initiative, was not adequate to meet the demands of an additional 200 devices. We were able to update the wireless at NHS over the summer of 2016 and it it now capable of handling a 1:1 environment.

What happens if my child forgets to bring his/her Chromebook to school?
The Chromebooks will be considered a tool for learning just like pens, pencils, books and notebooks. Your child should be responsible to safely and securely bring the device back and forth each day. We understand that there may be instances where a device is left at home. Each classroom teacher will have one additional Chromebook available in class in case this occurs. If more than one student forgets his/her Chromebook during a given class, teachers may provide alternative means for completing assignments.

My child's Chromebook is damaged or not working. What should he/she do?
Have your child notify a teacher who will contact the Technology Department. Please refer to the Chromebook Handbook for information regarding accidental damage vs. negligence.

My child has their own device at home. Can they use it at school instead of a school issued Chromebook?
If your child prefers to bring their own device, it doesn't have to be a Chromebook. The only requirements are that the device is able to access the Internet, have the ability to download/utilize specific programs as identified by classroom teachers, and access Google Docs either through a browser or through apps. Typically, teachers are using Google Classroom and other online tools. You would need to sign the BYOD policy if you choose to go this route.

What is the security like on a Chromebook?
Visit this page to learn more about the multi-layers of protection included on each Chromebook.

Optional Device Insurance

Parents/Guardians may purchase additional insurance to cover the cost of accidental damage, cracked screen, liquid damage, or theft. Visit our page on the Worth Ave. Group to sign up.