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Norton Meals Program

The attached Food Service Process is subject to change as conditions warrant, but serves as a start point for how we plan to feed students this year. 

NPS has provided in previous emails that the District will be starting the year with free breakfast and free lunch for all students. The USDA has approved a waiver request from the State to allow for free meals through the end of December 2020 or as long as the funding lasts. We are pleased that this benefit is available to all students in the District, and encourage students to participate. 

The Norton Public Schools has created a school meals order form for families to place their breakfast and lunch orders for each week during the upcoming school year. This order form replaces lunch lines and student ordering during the school day. Families will complete one order form per week for each student. 

Beginning Monday, September 28, the food delivery process will be changing to one delivery route for the day that starts at noon.  We will not be sending out the buses at 8:00 am, as this time proved difficult for families to arrive at the bus stop. The noon bus route will deliver both the breakfast meal packs and the lunch meal packs in one delivery. We ask that families begin watching for the bus at the bus stop at noon, however please note that it could take an hour or longer for the bus to reach your stop.  

We will be open at the back of the high school from 12:30pm to 3:00pm on Monday as well for parents to drive up and pick up meals. Meals can be picked up at that time if you prefer or if you are unavailable at home during the delivery time. This is open for all students in the Norton Public Schools, including school choice students.

The breakfast meals provided on Monday will be five days of breakfast for each student. The lunch meals provided on Monday will be as follows: One meal will be delivered for Cohort one students (the Monday meal), two meals will be delivered for Cohort two students (the Monday meal and the Tuesday meal), and five meals will be delivered for students that are full remote.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Matt Wells at (508)285-0100 ext. 4 and then option 1 or through email at

NPS Meal Order Form Week of 3/8-3/12

Form available Tuesdays 10 a.m. - Thursdays 10 a.m.