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Health Services

School Nurses:  
Norton High School  
Doreen Browne (508) 285-0167
Norton Middle School  
Tricia George (508) 285-0147
Henri A. Yelle Elementary School  
Jeanine Demelo (508) 285-0197
L.G. Nourse Elementary School  
Courtney Pacheco (508) 285-0117
J.C. Solmonese Elementary School  
Margaret Miller (508) 285-0127


Confidentiality and Medical Information

Please be sure that all medical forms, including immunization records, physicals and other doctor's notes are labelled with your childs name and date of birth. To maintain confidentiality, it is advised that you send all medical documents to school in a sealed envelope which is addressed to the school nurse.

Health Documents

Information for Families of Students with Life Threatening Allergies

Medication in School

The school nurse is willing and able to give medications during school under the following guidelines:

*All prescription medications need to be in the original container with the appropriate prescription label.

*All medications, prescription and over-the-counter, must have a written doctor’s order and written consent from parents giving permission for medication to be administered at school.

*All medications and medical supplies must be delivered by an adult. Students may not handle medication.

Substitute Nurses Needed

Subsitute Nurses are always needed for the five schools. Subbing is a great way to work duriing the school day while your children are at school. If you are interested, please contact Lisa Anderson RN at 508-285-0117. Applications are available at the Superintendent's Office.

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