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Bus Information

We provide free bussing for students in grades K-6 who live further than 2 miles from their school. All other students who wish to ride the bus are required to pay a bus fee each year. This means all students in grades 7-12, no matter how far they live from school, and students in grades K-6 who live less than 2 miles from their school.

Transportation fee for the 2019-2020 school year is $350 per student with no family cap.

Please contact us via the Let's Talk link at left with any questions, comments or concerns.

Are You Two Miles From JCS?

Click the "More Options" link and then type your address to calculate the distance your house is from the JC Solmonese Elementary. If you live under two miles from the school, you must pay the bus fee if you want your child to take the bus.

Bus Routes 2019-2020

Click on the link below to access this year's bus routes.

JCS Bus Routes