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We plan to update this page throughout the year with links to our staff websites.

Jerusha Bjork

LGN Grade 3

Jennifer Branco

LGN Kindergarten

Jennifer Carlson

LGN Grade 1

Susan Cashton

Technology Teacher
HAY Specialists, LGN Specialists

Julianne DeWolfe

LGN Grade 1

Kristie Dietz

HAY Specialists, LGN Specialists, JCS Specialists

Julie Durmis

Library Media Specialist
LGN Specialists, JCS Specialists

Elizabeth Falvey

Kindergarten Teacher
LGN Kindergarten

Erin Haglund

LGN Grade 2

Katrina Hanewich

LGN Grade 2

Linda Kabat

Art Teacher
HAY Specialists, LGN Specialists, HAY Art

Carolyn Kenney

Wellness Teacher
LGN Specialists

Lisa Lovering

LGN Grade 3

Sara Lyons

Classroom Teacher
LGN Grade 1

Elizabeth O'Hear

LGN Grade 2

Jeremy Place

Music Teacher
Music, LGN Specialists, JCS Specialists

Teresa Quinn

LGN Grade 3

Kirsten Sedell

LGN Kindergarten