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John B. Atwood Guidance & Support Center

Main Office Phone: 508-285-0160

Fax Number: 508-286-2669

Meet the Staff

Michelle Amaral

Titles: School Adjustment Counselor
Phone Numbers:
School: (508) 285-0162

Vincent Cerce

Titles: Director of Counseling and Social Emotional Learning PreK-12, Freshman Academy
Phone Numbers:
School: (508) 285-0184

Ellen Dufour

Titles: School Adjustment Counselor
Phone Numbers:
School: (508) 285-0160

Kendel Jester

Titles: School to Career Specialist
Phone Numbers:
School: (508)285-0160

Cate Nesbitt

Titles: Guidance Counselor, Students N-Z, Senior Academy, DHH, STEP
Phone Numbers:
School: (508) 285-0169

Maria Peckham

Titles: Bridge Program Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: (508) 285-0160 ext. 5208

Jennifer Proulx

Titles: Guidance Counselor, Students A-F, Sophomore Academy, GRIT
Phone Numbers:
School: (508) 285-0160

Melissa Thomson

Titles: Guidance Secretary
Phone Numbers:
School: (508) 285-0164

Samantha Thyne

Titles: Substitute Guidance Counselor
Phone Numbers:
School: (508)285-0160

Allison Warren

Titles: Guidance Counselor, Students G-M and Junior Academy
Phone Numbers:
School: (508) 285-0182

Mission StatementThe Norton Public School's Student Support Services Department, in partnership with students, parents/guardians, administration, staff, and community will assist all students by addressing their academic, career, and personal/social needs. As student advocates, we recognize the unique abilities, diversity, and personal worth of each child. Our Pre-K through 12 counseling program focuses on each student's potential for growth as they transition through the educational process to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers, and life-long learners.


AP Exam Information

2019-20 Exam Times & Registration Instructions

Joining Your AP Class Section - AP Handout

Exam Schedule for 2020 Exams





May 5th - Tuesday

7:40 AM


May 6th - Wednesday

7:40 AM

AP English Literature

May 6th - Wednesday 

11:30 AM

AP European History

May 6th - Wednesday

11:30 AM

AP Physics 2:AB

May 7th - Thursday 

7:40 AM

AP Spanish 

May 8th  - Friday

7:40 AM

AP US History

May 8th  - Friday

7:40 AM

AP Studio Art

May 11th - Monday

7:40 AM

AP Biology

May 11th - Monday

11:30 AM

AP Environmental

May 12th - Tuesday

11:30 AM

AP Psychology

May 13th - Wednesday

7:40 AM

AP English Language

May 13th - Wednesday

11:30 AM

AP Microeconomics (VHS)

May 13th - Wednesday

11:30 AM

AP Music THeory (VHS)

May 15th - Friday

7:40 AM

AP French (VHS)

May 15th - Friday

11:30 AM

AP Computer Science A

May 15th - Friday

11:30 AM

AP Statistics



College Planning

College Planning Series Flyer

College Financial Aid Information

MEFA College Finance Webinar
MEFA College Financing Presentation Slides

MEFA Understanding Financial Aid Flyer/Senior Year Timeline


College Visit Notes Document

College Comparison Spreadsheet



Junior College Planning and College Financial Night - 2/26/19 - 6:00 pm - - This is for both students and families in the auditorium at the High School. This presentation will cover some of the same material that was reviewed in Junior College Seminars in December. However, it will also touch upon other important information regarding the search, application and acceptance process. Specific information regarding the procedures we use at the High School to apply for college will be discussed. After the presentation on the college application process, a representative from Citizen’s Bank will be conducting an overview on how to apply for college financial aid. The next day we will post links the presentations as well as to links to Naviance videos which will help students and families to navigate that website.

"How to have a Successful Transition to College" Presentation - 3/14/19 6:00 PM at NHS

This is geared towards juniors/seniors and their families that are planning on attending college. A representative from a local college will present on what science and experience indicates are the key factors to a successful transition to college. In addition, a panel group of Norton Alumni will provide personal insight in the what helped them succeed and to discuss the issues that they experienced and how they overcame them. Parents will get to hear what they might do as well to help ensure freshman year is a happy and productive one.

 College 101 Seminar presented by Bristol Community College and Bridgewater State University.

Please join us on 12/4/18 at 6:30 PM in the High School Auditorium for a comprehensive presentation on the college process from start to finish. This is the perfect opportunity to hear from the experts regarding the how to decide on which colleges to apply to, how to complete the college application process and how to understand financial aid.

College 101 Presentation

College Resources from AAA for members and non-members

College Resources Offered by AAA (With and without a Membership)

Below is a list of webinars that are offered through AAA and are free. You will have to register, but you do not have to be a member to watch them. Just don’t enter a AAA member number on the registration page.

There are also a number of services for AAA members as well. For example, you can get one to one Assistance completing FAFSA and CSS profiles and consultation on saving for college or student repayment after college. Call 1-800-422-2536 or go to AAA.com/financialaid for more information.

 https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2996108006117114883 Preparing for Financial Aid

 https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5155631306441208323 Managing College Debt

https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2604888574793295618 Preparing for College Tours

https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3779677164534984961 Common Application Basics

https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7643013577049494531 College Funding Options

https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8068113359649528323 Accepted to College What’s Next


Community Service

Counselor Assignments


Course Selection

Dual Enrollment

Norton High School has Dual Enrollment agreements with the following Colleges and Universities. Applications are available in the Student Support Center. For an overview of the dual enrollment program see presentation below.

Bridgewater State University
Bristol Community College
Massasoit Community College
Stonehill College
Wheaton College




If you are planning on playing a Division I or Division II sport in college you must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. Click here to begin the process.

For eligibility guidelines and more information about the process check out the resources below:

2017-2018 Eligibility Brochure

2017-2018 Guide for College Bound Student Athletes

Program of Studies

Prospective Students

Please call Mrs. Melissa Thomson at (508) 285-0164 to schedule a meeting to register your child and meet with their guidance counselor. Documents required for registration can be found here.

SAT Prep

FREE SAT prep sessions!

The Workshops will include:

  1. Tips and Tricks
  2. Practice Tests (Tests and Answer sheets included)
  3. Review of the Answers
  4. Recommendations to help correct your mistakes

Who: Norton HS Juniors

Where: Norton High School

When: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Saturday 10/27/18

Saturday 11/17/18

Saturday 12/15/18

Saturday 1/5/19

Saturday 2/9/19

Registration: You can register for a minimum of 2 or up to all 5

Register by 10/13/18

Register using your Guidance Google Classroom

* note - Registration for the ACTUAL SAT EXAM is done at www.collegeboard.org

** Students should bring pencils and highlighters to the sessions

This is a free service being offered by a volunteer parent, please make every effort to attend if you register.


School to Career Specialist

School Profile

Transcript Request






Junior Year College and Career Planning

Take the SATs or ACTs

Typically in the Spring, Juniors planning to attend a four year college after graduation start signing up for the SATs. You will need to register for the exam via Collegeboard. There are SAT Prep Workshops available in the community such as a workshop offered by Bridgewater State University. There are usually some test prep materials available in the Guidance Office Career Center as well.


Research and Tour Colleges

Use Naviance, Collegeboard, Peterson, etc. to research Colleges, Majors, Special Programs. See your Guidance Counselor if you do not know your Naviance Log In. Guidance will be going into the classroom to show you which search tools are especially useful.


Many students use February and April vacation as a time to go visit and tour colleges.

Students are allowed 2 excused absences from school to go tour a college. The form (available in Guidance) must be signed by teachers and Administration beforehand. On the day of the visit, a college representative will sign off that you attended. This form should then be returned to the High School Main Office.


Add to your Resume

Colleges look at all aspects of your application, not just grades or SAT scores. Colleges are interested in accepting students who display citizenship, leadership and dedication. Get involved in sports, clubs, community service activities and part-time jobs. Remember that you need 50 hours of community service completed in order to graduate. Make an appointment with the School to Career Counselor if you need help getting some hours done.


Think about Letters of Recommendation

In late May and June, you can begin asking teachers if they would be able to write you a letter of recommendation. We recommend asking 2 academic teachers. As a Senior, you will be taught how to electronically request this via Naviance and your letter will get uploaded directly by the teacher. Application requirements can be found on the college’s website under the Admissions -Undergraduate section. Check here to see what the school’s preference is on # of letters.


What Happens Next?

During Senior Year, students will participate in large group Senior Seminars, individual meetings with their counselor, a fall College Fair and various evening events open to families such as Financial Aid Night and Senior Parent Night.

As a Senior, the majority of your college application process will be done using NAVIANCE, COMMONAPP, and COLLEGEBOARD.



College Process: Things to Remember

Naviance , CommonApp, and Collegeboard

These are the three major programs that you will use in the college process.Naviance is used for researching and applying to schools. Certain information such as transcripts and letters of recommendation are sent to Admissions electronically through this program. The CommonApp is used by many colleges and is exactly what it sounds like - a common application that can be used to apply to many schools. Collegeboard is where you register for the SATs and access your scores.

You are responsible for….

-Researching schools, specialized majors and programs

-Setting up Tours (or Interviews if applicable) at schools you are looking at

-Completing Applications

-Double checking special program requirements (Nursing Programs, etc.)

-Requesting Letters of Recommendation from Teachers and Guidance Counselor. (In person and submitting the request Via Naviance). You should ask at least 2 weeks before your deadline. If you are requesting a letter from a coach or someone who does not work in the building, you will need to provide that person with pre-addressed and stamped envelopes for each school that you would like the letter sent to.

-Sending your SAT or ACT Scores to the school you are applying to via Collegeboard. This can take 1-2 weeks for processing so we recommend that you do this as soon as possible after you take the exam.

-Ensuring that all materials are submitted to your college’s Admissions office by the deadline

Students should be calling or emailing the school’s Admissions Office with specific questions or to verify that materials were received if your account states materials are missing.

Guidance Counselor Responsibilities

Once a Student has shared the schools that he/she will be applying to with the Guidance Counselor and updated all Information on Naviance, the Guidance Counselor will schedule a meeting with the student. Following this meeting and once Naviance and CommonApp have been matched, the counselor will send a school report, transcript and letters of rec. from Norton High Staff members via Naviance.

Admissions Checklist:

Every school will have a different list of required materials for the application. It is your responsibility to make sure you have submitted all the required documents. This information can usually be found on your school’s website under Admissions.

Typical Applications Include:

The Application (CommonApp, School Website or Paper)

College Essay(s)

Application Fee – This is typically asked for at the end of the Application

Letter of Rec from Teacher (1 or 2)

Letter of Rec from a Guidance Counselor (not always required)

Transcript and School Report (Sent by your Guidance Counselor through Naviance)

SAT/ACT Scores (Sent by student via Collegeboard)

Financial Aid Documents (FAFSA/ CCS Profile, etc.)

***Again, this is a general list. Your school may be different.

Parent Night Presentations

2019-2020 Presentations

College Planning Series Flyer

College Financial Aid Information

MEFA College Finance Webinar
MEFA College Financing Presentation Slides

MEFA Understanding Financial Aid Flyer/Senior Year Timeline